The EOS digital asset has registered a spectacular rise in price to reach $14.49 last week, an increase of 16%. It withstood the launch of mainnet as well as the token lockdown.

The price of EOS digital asset has reached almost close to that of Bitcoin (BTC). The share price of Bitcoin has declined by 29% whereas EOS trading has gained almost 8% in all trades.

The price of EOS has closed at $12.32 in the last daily auction. It has collected over 42,000 Ethereum (ETH). No new transactions are seen after the freeze of EOS ERC-20 token.

Users Are Asked Not To Reveal the Private Keys of EOS

The company has urged the users not to reveal the private keys of EOS to prevent the proliferation of scams. EOS is again in the news for inspiring the polar moods. The supporters estimate the market capitalization of EOS at 10% that of Bitcoin. It is also rumored that EOS classic is also rising after the EOS launch.

Some are wary of EOS and termed it as an unfair system. According to the recent overview of the addresses of EOS, Ten top whale addresses holds almost half of its assets. Blockone is the biggest holders of EOS. It holds $4 billion in Ethereum and $1.5 billion in EOS.

The prominent crypto commenter and founder of the Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer is one of the skeptics of EOS.

Someone is searching for any left out keys of the EOS in the open. GreyNoise Intelligence has identified someone scanning the nodes of EOS to look for the existence of any vulnerability. It is just like someone searching for any unlocked doors and open windows of a home. The users should be always vigilant and keep the key secure. The scan is based on an issued posted on GitHub a week ago.

However, it is different from the devastating EOS vulnerability. It is quickly rectified.

It is to be noted from this perspective that someone is looking for exploitable bugs by delving into GitHub. However, they have left empty-handed after a week-long try. If someone makes a mistake, they may be lucky.