The unique market strategy of Ripple is one of the reasons it has managed to expand its business operations by quite a significant margin. Daniel Aranda, the xSpring Managing Director, says that they have been focusing on the development of better payment solutions.

Current state of affairs

To achieve their set objective, the official reveals that their team of experts has so far managed to sign down about 150 partnerships globally. It was in the previous year that it struck a partnership with the Foundation of Bill Gates and its spokesperson says the future is looking bright.

Aranda recently addressed a number of news reporters outlining that they had been undertaking market research lately in a bid to establish those persons that were going to be among the first users.

It is worth noting that the world hasn’t yet gotten to the point of establishing a global central bank and that is why we haven’t yet witnessed a global consolidated payments system. The company’s team of experts has been scrutinizing the decentralized architecture,blockchain technology as well as all the public ledgers in the hope these could in one way or the other help interoperate the various systems.

Plans underway

At the centre of the set objectives of Bill Gates Foundation is the determination to enhance the living standards of people around the globe. The leaders of the project recently made a joint statement outlining that they were looking forward to teaming up with Ripple in a bid to leverage on its tech and unveil software called Mojaloop.

The World Bank has released a statement indicating that currently there are about 2 billion persons around the globe who are trapped in poverty simply because they are lack access to a bank account or other basic financial services.

Mojaloop is indeed a step towards the right direction since banks can now adapt it and get to find their own use of it at a relatively lower cost. From its initial stages, the project has all along been funded by the Gates Foundation.