The management and delivery of government services is a complex undertaking. However, a lot of governments around the globe have started employing blockchain technology in simplifying their operations. The latest announcement by IBM (NYSE:IBM) is a real reflection of such moves. This business guru is cooperating with Riyadh Municipality in a bid to formulate a working solution.

Current state of affairs

The Government of Saudi Arabia is looking forward to achieve a lot in the near future. It is the reason it came up with the 2030 program. It sees great need to enhance the quality of municipal services.

Customers will be on the receiving end of this development. The integration of top-notch blockchain technologies in the services is quite demanding. However, the focus is on long term effects.

The Saudi Vision 2030 program a remarkable blueprint for development of this country. It will oversee the establishment and development of education, healthcare, infrastructure and much more.

There are reports that military and manufacturing expenditure might be given a major lift. The Saudi economy has always indicated high reliance on oil. There is need to diversify matters. One of the big names pushing for the diversification agenda is Mohammad bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi.

Plans underway

There are plans underway to conduct workshops. The objective was to determine which services needed to be upgraded. Faster service delivery was going to be good for government and its citizens as well. Blockchain was to help make the dream a reality.

IBM will soon be creating its first blockchain solution. Reports indicate that the company will do that at the municipal level. On the other hand, Elm- a Saudi tech firm will be looking forward to incorporate the technology in the wide range of services that will be provided by government.

The Country General Manager at IBM Saudi Arabia Zarg El Aioun spoke about the future of blockchain. According to him, blockchain technology can spark about major transformations globally if properly utilized.

He believes it could have an impact of almost same magnitude as the internet. We are progressing to a point where blockchain will redefine how transactions and businesses are conducted