A global fintech company, Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. (SSC) has teamed up with the China-based Venture Capital Research Institute (CVCRI). Both the companies have entered into an exclusive agreement with the view to improve and develop the venture capital sector of China.

SSC eyeing global reach

As a part of this new partnership, SSC will develop an entirely compliant digital asset ecosystem offering services like securitization, fractionalization, distribution, and tokenization, as well as other trading services, operated through networks of various Chinese security broker-dealers and banks. The ecosystem will be enabled by blockchain technology. The global firm wants to use its AI and blockchain-powered digital asset management to extend its trading and reach globally.

As per the agreement, SSC will be the only company offering different digital investment and financial technology alternatives to Chinese people. The services will also include an introduction of a low-risk type investment known as fixed income asset classes. According to SSC, users can trade these investments on the exchanges designated by the government within the country.

The company intends to come out with tokens that will be based on real estate and oil industries. These tokens will be launched at the global level.

 SSC keen to develop suite of digital and fintech services

 SSC wants to develop an entire suite of the digital asset and fintech services that will include risk management and AI-enhanced ratings. The company has already started using blockchain technology for tokenizing assets and to build secure, digital ledgers as well as an accounting technology to support cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC). According to SSC,” In effect, SSC is creating a new digital asset ecosystem and the supporting market. Furthermore, SSC and CVCRI will undertake their activities in full compliance with regulators.”

Established in 2003, CVCRI has a strong support from the regulators and authorities in China and hence is putting all its efforts to introduce innovation in the asset classes. The Institute is planning to work with SSC on an exclusive basis so that it can derive benefits from the proprietary and unique technology platforms of the firm, its vast global reach and fintech ecosystem.