For a long time, the Bitcoin Cash community has been sharply divided on whether to include Craig Wright in its future vision. This rift is expected to even widen after Roger Ver, one of the leading crusaders of the Bitcoin Cash declared support for this vision.

Conservative development of Bitcoin Cash

Wright, who also claims to be among the team that developed Bitcoin is a scientists and business entrepreneur. The businesses mogul is advocating for a more conservative approach towards the development of Bitcoin Cash.

However, the Bitcoin Cash seems unperturbed by this split. To many, the difference in opinion between, Bitcoin ABC, the team that developed BCH and Wright, a leading figure in the community is a small issue. Bitcoin ABC is still in charge of many of the decisions and developments on the Bitcoin Cash network. On the other hand, Wright has been a sounding voice on matters concerning BCH and has largely been known for always being on the opposite side of majority opinion.

Challenges with scaling

A growing concern in the Bitcoin Cash community has been scaling. Bitcoin Cash was launched at a time when Bitcoin is at its high in terms of costs of transactions and network congestions. However, scaling challenges may only be addressed in the future as the current real-world use of Bitcoin Cash is still very low.

Analysts are now proposing another solution to the scaling challenge. The solution will involve parallel processing so as to compute the blocks much faster. This new solution was proposed by Shammah Chancellor, who is a member of Bitcoin ABC.

Despite having bigger blocks and having scaling challenges, BCH has maintained its position as one of the leading cryptocurrencies in terms of trade volume and adaptability. The coin currently accounts for 10% of all transactions on the Bitcoin network. On average, the cryptocurrency recorded around 24,000 transactions in a day.

As it stands, it remains unclear if the current rift will create new factions with new digital assets. In the event of a split and creation of another asset, one faction will automatically be led by Wright.