TokenPay (TPAY) has confirmed having cheated in a competition involving the large Electroneum community. The aim of the social media vote competition was to weigh the strength of several coin communities. The competition was indeed very heated perhaps because of the rampant growth in the cryptocurrency industry. However, TokenPay failed to keep its part of the bargain thus disappointing the price performance

Electroneum (ETN) is one of those communities, which were battling it out with TokenPay alongside Linda.  However, the use of faked votes led to the disqualification of TokenPay at the semi-finals level of the voting. This means Electroneum was squiring it out with the Linda project.

But statistics show that some larger and better-known coins did not bother to vote

The market is full of communities, which have very incredible trading opportunities. This is according to Chris Wallace, @cryptobullwhale, the competition organizer and an active speaker on crypto social media. Apparently, a majority of them a majority of these communities did not participate in the vote. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that Linda and Electroneum are some of the communities, which boast of very active communities.  In fact, they are very optimistic about making big in the future.

The Electroneum had its share of challenges. It all began with depressed prices, which went from low-volume trading as a result of low-volume trading. It also experienced glitches with its wallets in addition to a weeks-long mining freeze.  Nonetheless, it was still able to rise to popularity thanks to the opportunity of mining on mobile as well as amateur CPU mining.

TokenPay and its several blockchain initiatives

In the recent past, TokenPay has been exercising various options of remaining relevant in the market. Among the many initiatives is a partnership deal with WEG Bank in Germany.  The deal was extended further to incorporate Litecoin Foundation. The combination of TokenPay and Litecoin will help in creating and delivering customized but modern consumer-driven crypto solutions.

The market will benefit from Litecoin’s strategic marketing, technical expertise and a whole load of high-level blockchain mechanization capabilities. As of today, TokenPay owns 9.9% of the WEG Bank and it is looking forward to acquiring the remaining shares under its entitlement.

INTRO: – TokenPay (TPAY) has confirmed having cheated in a competition involving the large Electroneum community.