Valve has cited cryptojacking concerns for the drastic move of eliminating indie game Abstractism from its digital market place. Those used to visiting Steam and playing their favorite games have complained about the recent move, but Valve won’t be shifting its stand.

The game and how it operated

One expert has explained the incidence in an elaborate manner. He outlined that this game had so far managed to cryptojack quite a significant number of computers. It operated on the principle of using malicious software embedded in the game to utilize the processing power of the various devices in carrying out cryptocurrency mining activities. It was an activity that resulted in the computer systems slowing down immensely and even overheating.

Reports indicate that Valve communicated via email informing all the interested parties that the game had successfully been eliminated from Steam. On top of that, Valve has also dealt with the developers and publisher of this game by kicking him out of its video game platform.

A close outlook into the matter

According to Valve, this developer had been confirmed to have engaged in the shipment of an unauthorized code as well as in the trolling of content. It was reported that a large number of customers fell for the deceptive in-game items presented to them in the recent scam.

The motherboard report is already out. It indicates there were some outstanding red flags. The official game description was written in a rather poor way and it should have been easier for many to detect. However, that wasn’t the case since most of the computer owners didn’t pay attention to it. Most of them got concerned only after realizing their systems slowing down a huge deal.

One expert in a recent interview made a statement that quite a large number of people have paid close attention to. He said that the most sinister thing everyone needed to have noticed was the offer being given.

Every player that would leave the game running when not in use was guaranteed of a reward. According to him, that should have attracted the attention of players. The matter has been resolved and there is currently no more cause for alarm.