Ideally, the Ethereum Classic focuses majorly on the internet of things (IoT) and allows implementation of smart contracts as well as decentralized applications. The ultimate goal for Ethereum Classic platform is ensuring many developers to build on the peak of the blockchain.

New Version of Tools Launched

Ethereum classic (ETC) never stop following a similar path as that of Ethereum, does it? That is the point as once again ETC has finally launched the tools that are necessary for creating the crucial distributed apps (dApps).

The Ethereum classic developers, at last, launched the long-awaited as well highly anticipated toolkit referred to us the Emerald Software Development Kit. This emerald starter kit is all that anyone requires and start developing distributed apps on the Ethereum network.

Perhaps, there is no denial of the fact that the Ethereum Classic network in some way lags in ICOs. However, for now, all they hope for is that they can attract developers with every potential for the distributed apps.

The State between Ethereum classic and Ethereum

According to the block activity data, Ethereum Classic network at the moment carries about 50,000 transactions over a period of 24 hours which is almost 10 times lower when compared to Ethereum. For Ethereum, the dApps users have a limited number to just few hundred for a similar period with the most popular apps not exclusive. This way the activity of Ethereum classic distributed apps is affected.

The Emerald Software Development Kit is provided directly by the developer team having starter instructions as well. However, like other crypto, warnings are there that ETC merely is a network and asset used mainly for speculation.

Ethereum classic network intends to keep the mining component, and on the other hand, Ethereum sets their plan of phasing out mining in a few years coming. The fact the ASIC present increases the security as well as resistance to attacks.

However, despite all the efforts, there is no rapid growth, and still, the Ethereum classic network remains not as attractive. The market price has always stayed near the lower levels below $12. What remains is to see whether the launch of the toolkit for the distributed apps will work some magic for ETC, but until then be sure of the updates.