Crytocurrency exchange BeQuant has launched STASIS EUR anew stable coin on its global platform. The listing will enable institutional investors based in Europe to access safe investing in a genuine asset. STATIS’s launch is one of the most consistent providers in the market is a big boost to many traders. BeQuant aims through the listing of STASIS EUR to reach a diverse audience and thus increase its status as the leading cryptocurrency market in the world.

The goal of STASIS EUR launch

Since it is a stable coin, STASIS will offer the advantage of the fiat currency in the form of a token. Additionally, its similarity with the traditional finance system will allow investors to get access to the crypto market the same way they direct their other assets.

STASIS main aim is to curb the volatility that is synonymous with many crypto coins in the market thus drawing in investors who are risk-averse. By listing this new cryptocurrency, BeQuant advances its goal of innovating the traditional financial infrastructure and encouraging traditional investment in cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, STASIS EUR will take advantage of running on a secured cryptocurrency exchange platform and increased market visibility.

STASIS EUR is helping many European institutional investors join the cryptocurrency world. It launch received assessment from investors for taking the model of stable coin to another level. The asset is establishing integrity and reliability in the crypto markets for all those that want to invest.

STASIS is encouraging investorspromote transparency by seeking support of third-party providers. Additionally, it is minimizing the investor’s funds volatility and enabling them to secure their assets with the help of open-ledger technology and professional asset managers.

CEOs of BeQuant and STASIS welcome the new launch

CEO of BeQuant, GeorgeZarya’s main objective is to make BeQuant a groundbreaker in cryptocurrency agreements. According to him further adoption of a company’s products on a big cryptocurrency exchange like BeQuant will provide legitimate liquidity to the crypto ecosystem.

On the new launch CEO BeQuant says“STASIS EUR’s work in creating a more reliable asset will help build the credibility of cryptocurrency in the wider financial market.”

The CEO of STASIS added his views on the listing, “We welcome further adoption of our product by an international exchange such as BeQuant.”