BitGo is a leading blockchain provider focusing in the delivery of a wide range of bitcoin wallet services to clients. The business guru has its headquarters in California and it seeks to manage its risks effectively. Reports indicate that the cyptocurrency custodial services are currently on high demand. BitGo today confirms that it will be giving a great deal of support to the additional tokens.

Current state of affairs

This top security firm projects that this will indeed be a great year outlining the list will grow. It believes the list will expand to about 100 tokens towards the end of this particular year. One company expert says he has realized the great need to look at matters beyond just Ethereum and Bitcoin.

BitGo asserts that it will do all within its means towards ensuring it expands its services. The blockchain security firm wants to grow in a market characterized by stiff competition. At this point, the firm’s business model focuses in the delivery of a wide range of custodial cryptocurrency services.

The company’s management has given out is latest report. It outlines that it won’t stop on its quest to sharpen the company’s competitive edge. It considers the introduction of support for the various additional currencies a great way to grow.

A closer look

Another company official outlines that the company now directs a great deal of its focus on the Stablecoins. However, he also recognizes the availability of some other tokens on the business guru’s radar as well.

In its most recent statement, BitGo has indicated that it will keep supporting the wide range of the common stablecoins. It happens to be a list entailing TUSD, GUSD, USDC, PAX and DAI.

The business giant through its spokesperson has termed the latest decision a huge one. It is a decision that makes great sense at this point in time.

Speculators and traders as well have with the passage of time indicated their great desire for the digital assets. As time progresses, the liquidity of these assets keeps improving. This ends up impacting the demand for custodial services.