During an interview with Cryptovest, DESICO co-founder and CEO Laimonas Noreika, among several other opinions expressed his hopes that institutional investors will spark remarkable progress in the cryptocurrency space would they join the bandwagon.

DESICO is a Lithuania-based crypto platform with interest in the much hyped Security token operation (STOs). STOs are rising in popularity by the day and it was reported that the new trend was responsible for fallen ICOs fundings this year.

STOs have a great future

Although STOs have not had an excellent run yet, Mr Noreika believes that sooner or later other firms would join the ecosystem which would inturn grow. STOs will easily top ICOs in the long run considering the security benefits it bestores investors.

STOs are secure compared to ICOs

With ICOs, investors only have the issuer’s word that they will deliver on their promise, which in many instances never materializes. STOs on the other hand are backed by regulatory authorities and are held accountable for investors fund’s. Investors betting on firms issueing STOs will eventually fund their preferred firms like they would do with ICOs and still enjoy securities regulation authority’s protections- benefits of investing in IPOs.

DESICO is one among the few firms pioneering the STOs era. The firm launched its tokenized assets that are compliant with European Union’s securities regulations. The company’s CEO on his opinion about the cryptocurrency market believes that when the the issue of cryptos volatility is tackled and institutional investors begin to join in, the industry will sure rise.

Institutional investors crucial in the advancement of crptos-market

To bring back the euphoria that was there for cryptos before last year’s price crash, Mr. Noreika suggests by stabilizing cryptos market is crucial. Institutional investors don’t like losing and more sure through gambling. The current price volatility will sure discourage them from investing in the industry. The likely coin that will draw this class of investors both traditional and non-traditional according to Noreika is Bitcoin.

Mr Noreika like his other cryptos-brethrens is optimistic about the industry’s future, especially with institutional investors’ involvement.