IBM is one of the most active organisations in the advancement of blockchain technology. In the recent developments, the firm joined Columbia University to launch programs to support startups. Particularly, the organisations will focus their energy on startups working in blockchain technology.

According to a news release, IBM and Columbia launched two accelerator programs. Essentially, the programs will “build and scale the next generation of blockchain innovation.” This is a very import move that will facilitate the growth of the blockchain sector. According to the two firms, startups need that very important push towards the desired objectives.

Programs to support startups through expertise and resource aid

The biggest challenge to the upcoming talent in the blockchain sector is a serious lack of expertise and resources. Being an emerging technology, there is little information about blockchain. As a result, enthusiasts need to do a lot of research and experiments to come up with the best solutions. Unfortunately, startups lack all these important ingredients.

In light of this, IBM and Columbia University will each support ten startups “that are working to build out blockchain businesses and developing enterprise blockchain networks.”

“As part of each program, participants will explore best practices for building a blockchain network with technical, academic and business mentors from IBM and Columbia,” the news release reads.

Mainstream adoption

Particularly, the startups will have access to design workshops from IBM that will help hone their creativity. Further, individuals will enjoy technical support as they interact with the experienced staff at IBM. Also, participants will get full access to IBM Cloud technology which is a very important resource in the blockchain space.

On the other hand, the participants will be able to spend time with Columbia’s research community. Particularly, the interaction will avail the opportunity to forge important relationships. They will be able to exploit the relationships later in their careers as important blockchain players.

Interestingly, the programs to support startups just come after another initiative by the organisations. At the centre of the efforts is the need to expand the horizon of the emerging technology. Further, they aim to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.