Razer is luring the Gamers with freebies to use their graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining in free time. The Gaming Hardware Specialist will offer reward points to the gamers, who use their idle PCs to mine cryptocurrency.

The gamers can make use of Razer SoftMiner App to mine cryptocurrency using the graphics card. The SoftMiner App uses the idle cycles of the GPU in the customer PC to generate cryptocurrency. The gamers will earn Razer Silver Points for sharing their PC. They can exchange the Razer Silver points for any gifts like game keys, gift cards, and gaming hardware.

Razer Partners with Gamma for Cryptocurrency Mining Apps

Razer has partnered with Gamma, which is specialized in developing desktop apps for cryptocurrency mining. The beta version of the Razer SoftMiner App currently supports five thousand customers in a week. It will be sluggish when more users are mining cryptocurrency and affects PC performance.

According to Razer, the SoftMiner App utilizes a substantial size of the GPU Power to ensure increased Razer Silver points to the users. Razer users, who share their PC, can use the reward points to get gifts without the need for some real currency. The users should be braced for a higher energy bill.

The users need to download the SoftMiner App to their PC and install to mine the Cryptocurrency. The app will generate cryptocurrency such as Ether. GammaNow, the gaming-centric platform, will collect the proceeds and engage in the sale of generated cryptocurrency.

Is it worth to Mine Cryptocurrency on Idle PC?

According to the claims of the Razer Website, the users can mine 500 Razer Silver points in a day. The price of the laptop that is used for crypto mining is estimated at 140,000.

The SoftMiner App uses your PC only when it is free for mining the cryptocurrency. The users should think twice before installing the software on their PC whether it is worth using the PC for the cryptocurrency. According to the tweets on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), the users are paying higher energy bill when compared to the value of rewards earned from crypto mining. Therefore, it is not worth mining cryptocurrency in the Idle time of PC.