SHARE is one of the leading decentralized cryptocurrency payment processors around the world. This business has today unveiled its non-custodial cryptocurrency payment solution. It seeks to simplify matters a great deal for merchants; for instance, it wants to promote direct payments from customers.

AtomicPay Meets Target

By striking out the third-party processor, AtomicPay achieves its target of helping merchants accept direct payments within a short time. It says it will be taking them a matter of seconds. Its spokesperson adds that they will undertake everything in a secure environment.

Benz Rif, AtomicPay Founder, pushes for the formulation of proper strategies to guide the new operations. He wants the management to support the decentralization of the blockchain payment processors. The leader complains about the repetitive nature of the old problems.

These problems range from the high processing fees, hacks, hidden charges, censorship issues, and slow settlements. AtomicPay resorts to a leading technology with the capacity to disrupt the various cryptocurrency payment channels. Merchants applaud the latest changes because they gain immediate ownership of the funds whenever customers make payments.

An outlook into the future

Undoubtedly, censorship issues and hacks get increasingly worse in line with the centralized and custodial blockchain solutions. A few months back, BitPay reported a case of hacking. Coinbase has at the start of this year placed a ban the account of the GAB founder.

Different from the custodial processors, the business giant does not withhold or store funds belonging to merchants. The recent move revolves around the set up of a beneficial and convenient P2P payment solution. Owning cryptocurrency requires that one has an appropriate private key.

AtomicPay emphasizes the great need for merchants to remain secretive about their private keys. It doesn’t have their private keys. Money moves directly to cold wallets of the various clients.

The founder of AtomicPay looks forward to a bright future. He hopes that crypto gets adopted as a form of payment for a lot of transactions every day. So far, AtomicPay has achieved quite much. It has succeeded at supporting cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin.