Square Enix is a Chinese Company focusing mainly on video games. It undertakes a wide range of activities from publishing to distribution. It steps in as the latest member in the companies supporting the blockchain gaming revolution.

The current state of affairs

Yosuke Matsuda, Square Enix president, addressed a letter to all the investors. The leader wants the company to embrace the emerging technologies such as game streaming and blockchain.

 Matsuda says the cryptocurrency bubble has already subsided. That has resulted in a wide range of the non-cryptocurrency domains employing blockchain technology.

The gaming space happens to be one of those domains. Indeed, most of the game platform services have indicated high-level reliance on blockchain technology so far. Matsuda emphasizes that the digital content space needs the blockchain technology for most of the applications.

A closer outlook

The Blockchain Game Alliance has been there for almost a year, and it comprises of several members. If it resolves to embrace the blockchain based gaming, Square Enix becomes a part of the Blockchain Game Alliance. Ubisoft is one of the current members.

In particular, B2Expand, EverdreamSoft, Gimli, Enjin, Alto, Fig and Ultra are some of the startups in the alliance. The other is ConsenSys-a software firm.

Most of the players love the game because they get to earn digital cash which they proceed to convert into bitcoin.

Matsuda has taken note of the huge struggle for supremacy among most of the digital currency services. The leader looks at how both the private and the public sectors continue supporting the cashless payments. He thinks it is a step towards the right direction.

Matsuda and Square Enix showcase great commitment to becoming a part of the fast-growing video game streaming industry. Analysts agree that this year comes with many possibilities; for instance, further exploration of the blockchain-based video game streaming.

The game streaming services have what it takes to revolutionize matters. Most of the gamers look forward to witnessing a quick transition to digital consumption from the sale of games.