Boerse Stuttgart has introduced the first crypto trading app – Bison in Germany. Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of Boerse, has developed the innovative app to facilitate the trading of cryptocurrency. The company plans to expand the app for trading crypto overseas soon. The traders can use the app for trading seven days a week with no need for opening a wallet. Blocknox, a subsidiary of Boerse, will be the custodian for the user accounts. Ulli Spankowski, Chief Executive Officer of Sowa Labs, said the company would generate money from spreads. Escrow system allows the traders to deposit the funds (Euros) into the user account.

Turnover of Boerse in 2018: Euro 71.2 billion

Boerse reported a turnover of Euro 71.2 billion (down 11%) in 2018. The company generated Euro 11.2 billion from German equities and Euro 4.4 billion from international equities.

Boerse selects AxeTrading as a system partner

Boerse added AxeTrading as an official system partner. The company optimizes the processing in trading of bonds with the help of AxeTrading. It will be able to provide new services to the customers. The international network of AxeTrading and experience will improve the reach of bond trading of Boerse.

The hybrid market model of Boerse helps to target retail investors. It services the small-sized orders from professional clients. AxeTrading makes an entry into the German market following the alliance with Boerse. Chief Executive Officer of AxeTrading, Ralf M. Henke said the company won a customer in the secondary home market. All of its software development takes place in Germany. The company aims to maintain a successful relationship in the long-term. AxeTrading is a recognized player to facilitate electronic bond trading in the overseas markets.

Boerse roped in solarisBank to create end-to-end infrastructure

Boerse entered a pact with solarisBank to develop an end-to-end infrastructure for the digital assets. Both Boerse and solarisBank work jointly to create a platform for trading of crypto assets. They would unveil the trading venue for crypto in H1, 2019. solarisBank will also offer crypto trading banking services. Chief Executive Officer of Boerse, Alexander Hoptner said the company is pleased to get solarisBank as a partner to provide the central services together with digital assets value chain.