Chief Executive Officer of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), Jack Dorsey has formed a team ‘Square Crypto’ along with Square Inc (NYSE:SQ) to improve Crypto Ecosystem and Bitcoin (BTC). As per the terms of the deal, Dorsey will hire one designer and four developers for the team. The team will work independently of the business responsibilities of Square.

This is the result of tweet of Jack with the development lead of Square, Mike Brock last week. Jack has formed a team to make a better crypto ecosystem and serve the bitcoin community. It is an open source initiative of Square and focus on promoting economic empowerment of individuals and what to do for the best of crypto community. Square has no commercial interests in this initiative. It is completely free.

Need of a designer

The designer in the team will help to create an apt design to facilitate better and faster access to the people. It is a purpose driven initiative and principled.

Fans of Square to enjoy more

Square entered a pact with Levy Restaurants and Washington Nationals to make fans place an order and enjoy delicious food. The new Square Terminal and Caviar Pickup enable fans to place an order and pay for their favorite drinks and food from their seats. The fans can enjoy concessions on wine and beer with the help of Caviar App. They receive an alert when food is ready for pickup.

The concession stand features food from restaurant partners. The fans can enjoy the Chinese Food, which is prepared in a Hong Kong style, on the opening day. In the future, it will feature Toki Underground’s ramen and Mason Dixie’s biscuits.

The fans can make payments using a credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay with a handheld device – Square Terminal and enjoy beverages and food from the comfort of their seats. The Square Terminal is equipped with a point of sale/ employee management software so that hawkers can quickly accept the payment and deliver the food. It facilitates cash-less transactions and allows hawkers to do more business.

Learner Sports Group’s COO, Alan Gotlieb said The Nationals is pleased to offer a first class experience to the fans. He further said an alliance with Square allow to offer more payment options to the fans.