An advertising exchange platform called YAX which is based on blockchain technology has announced plans to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) on the LEEKICO platform before the end of March.

YAX will launch the ICO on the LEEIKICO platform to raise capital which will then be used to develop a new platform. The advertising exchange platform hopes to use the upcoming platform to spearhead drastic changes in the online advertising industry. The Ad exchange platform hopes that the new platform will introduce a new transparent and fair system that will replace the old internet advertising model.

The new system will be designed such that it will reward the stakeholders within the digital advertising space. This includes consumers, content creators, publishers, and advertisers. YAX will reward users who create or consume content using tokens paid out through its network. The tokens will also be minable when media is consumed, and the mined tokens will then be split between content creators, publishers, and visitors.

“While advertising is currently the main driver of Internet commercialization, not all users enjoy this model or user experience,” stated YAX CEO Roger Lau.

YAX wants to change the advertising industry through crypto

Lau noted that the currently existing advertising model is highly inefficient since it rewards content creation in one direction. YAX currently has its focus on virtual currency or crypto investments in multiple development phases. It has also achieved numerous milestones through which it has also opened up to various clients in stages. The company hopes to make all its features accessible to the public in the future.

The upcoming platform will, therefore, allow it to become a content trading platform where all the players are rewarded. Participants in the system will also exchange services and API registrations. YAX is determined to achieve its goal with the upcoming system, and it is confident about getting there thanks to its strong management team. Its senior executives and co-founders have decades of experience in the media industry, especially in the senior management level. Lau leads the team and is ideal for his position given his extensive expertise in internet security, advertising, and media.