Investments in Bitcoin (BTC) are expected to outperform the investment fund S&P 500 in the next ten years. Mark Yusko, Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Creek Capital, suggests holding some investments in Bitcoin for a decent appreciation in the long term. He said it is the best diversifying asset.

Buffet bet 2.0

Morgan Creek an open bet on the digital index fund and invested $1 million ‘Buffet Bet’ with a view of outperformer between January 2019 and January 2029. The Digital Index Fund comprises ten major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Morgan Creek would donate the accruals of the best fund to a charity. Mark Yuso has predicted a price target of $400,000 for Bitcoin at some point. He also said it has the potential to disrupt the traditional finance and banking sector.

It would alter the equation between supply and demand for banking. It is notable that the Saudi prince, financiers, and banks are against the cryptocurrency. Truly, it is disruptive.

There is a great demand for bitcoin because many large businesses, including AT&T and government agencies in the US, are accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin hits a high

Bitcoin has hit a high of $8,287 in the mid-May 2019. It faces a resistance close to $8,300 against the US dollar. It has support at $7,600 and moves nicely above $7,840. The BTC/USD pair is likely to surge past once it clears the resistance $8,300.

Dr. Julian Hosp says Bitcoin becomes expensive in the coming days. According to Julian, it takes 27 years for bitcoin to reach a circulation of 177 million at an annual rate of 657,000. Gold will take 62 years to follow the stock. The annual flow of bitcoin would decline to 328,500 BTC. When we follow halving, the supply of bitcoin will reduce to 6.25 BTC from 12.5 BTC.

According to Dr. Julian, the production plays a vital role in deciding the value of the asset. Someone cannot produce more bitcoin, even if the value increases. It is not similar to gold. The production flow of bitcoin is always 12.5 bitcoins in a minute. It is stable.