After an undesirable start to its life, Samsung has announced that Galaxy Fold is ready for a second chance. Initially, Samsung had announced that it would begin selling the foldable smartphone by April 26. But the sale had to be put off after the phone developed problems with its screen.

Ready for relaunch in September

According to Samsung, the phone had its design re-evaluated and necessary improvements made. Particularly, the top layer which protects the screen has been extended to cover the whole display structure of the device. This is after it was determined that users removed the protective layer hence causing problems while folding.

Additionally, Samsung is adding reinforcements to the display structure to ensure that external particles do not gain access. Further, the company strengthened the hinges which enable Galaxy Fold to fold without damaging the display. Other improvements include optimized apps and services.

Interestingly, the foldable device from Samsung received positive reviews during this year’s Mobile World Conference. Notably, the foldable phone created much more buzz than 5G, which is considered the technology for tomorrow’s smartphones. The attention Galaxy Fold and other foldable brands attracted is evidence that they are a big thing.

Apple could be heading into more dire straits in terms of sales

Further, this was a warning sign to Apple, which has been the leading smartphone vendor for almost a decade. However, Apple breathed a sigh of relief after reports began to emerge that the foldable wonder devices were breaking. Even before the breakage of the display units began to come out, Galaxy Fold was already having data connection problems in South Korea, where it first launched. At least it seemed Apple could escape the Samsung threat.

But the problems are taken care of and Galaxy Fold is coming back to haunt Apple. Given the enthusiasm people had for the device, it is hard to imagine they will not pick the phone up for a second time despite the early challenges. The unique design is likely to pull people back.

For Apple, this could compound a problem which is now grave. To be sure, Apple has reported poor sales severally including during Q2 FY2019. This could go for longer if Samsung Galaxy Fold becomes a hit as it is touted.