The Communications Workers of America, a union that represents employees, has revealed details regarding the recent strike. This union, which focuses on the rights of the employees of AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) witnessed the workers walk out of their jobs on Saturday. These employees work in the various call centers of the company and have been helping the business manage its telecommunications network.

Details regarding the strike

During interviews, some of the employees complained about some bad faith contract negotiations the telecom provider had been engaging in.

Several big names have come to the spotlight. These include Chris Williams, Korey Phillips, Tim Whisenant, Byrus Clark, Jon Pilkington, and Tia Turner. These officials allegedly hold signs for moving cars outside the company’s office in Birmingham.

The workers staged their protests in front of the company’s facilities. In their sentiments, one could feel their frustration regarding the tactics the business employed in its latest negotiations. AT&T has its locations in Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

The exchanges between the company and the union

AT&T says it is innocent and all it was doing was negotiate contracts for a section of its employees in the south East. On the other hand, the union holds that the business giant sent the wrong negotiators. The officials it sent on the mission lacked the required authority to strike deals according to the union representing the company’s employees.

The vice president of CWA Local 3902 of the Birmingham chapter Errol Minor outlined that they stood against unfair labor practices. He said they wouldn’t stop the strike until the bad practices stopped.

Minor went in front of the company’s facilities with some six other protesters. The official adds that about 3902 members staged protests in numerous locations in the Birmingham area. These protests stopped business operations in most of AT&, Gardendale, and Pelham.

 Minor stated, “AT&T has sent negotiators to the bargaining table that were not negotiating in good faith. If we can get someone from [AT&T headquarters] Dallas, not just a figurehead, but someone who can bargain in good faith, then all of this will go away.”

The company’s spokesperson says they were prepared for the strike, but it shocked them when it happened.