Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has warned that some type of fabric such as denim and leather can cause discoloration of its new titanium credit card. The company has warned that the Apple Card can easily get scratched which can leave permanent damage.

Apple Card to be stored away from abrasive objects

Users are advised not to use household cleaners, solvent, ammonia or aerosols when cleaning the card. The company has also warned users against putting the card in the wallet slot with other credits cards because that increases chances of scratching. Similarly, Apple has said that storing the card in a bag or pocket with things like loose change or keys as these and other abrasive materials could damage the card.

An update on the company website states that if your Apple Card is put together with abrasive material then chances are high that the coating will be damaged. In short, the titanium card should not be in contact with anything.

The update coincides with the launch of the card in the US. The Apple Card comes as a digital card in your iPhone wallet that is supported by Apple Pay and the physical titanium card with your name imprinted on the front. The card does not have a card number, no CVV security code nor does it have your signature or expiration date it is just your name and the company logo.

Apple Card is given through Goldman Sachs

The company announced the launch of the Apple card in March this year and it had indicated that it will transform the credit card experience. The card which became available to US customers on Tuesday was issued by Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) and it operates on MasterCard Inc.’s (NYSE:MA) network. 

Unlike other credit cards that with time experience wear and tear the company is emphasizing on maintaining the beautiful look of the card. Apple has recommended that the card be stored in a bag or pocket made of soft material. To clean the card use a microfiber cloth moistened with isopropyl and wipe gently.