Nike Inc. (NYSE:NKE) has announced that it is wading into the subscription service market for the first time with its launch of the “sneaker club” for children that is called Nike Adventure Club. The company announced the sneaker subscription service on Monday for children aged between 2 years and 10 years.

Nike Adventure Club for kids 2 years to 10 years

The service has been designed specifically to offer parents options for their children whose shoes need keep changing.  The three options allow access to four pairs of shoes per year for $20 a months, six pair for $30 a month and 12 pairs for around $50 per month. With kids getting at least a pair of sneakers per month the choice seems to be excessive except for those who will be very active especially those who play sports or wear sneakers every day…

Bryan Gildenberg the Chief Knowledge officer at Kantar Consulting group stated that the program is perhaps the one of the best ways a major brand is taking steps of linking its business strategy to a direct-to-consumer digital brand. The focus of Nike is to target time strapped parents and those in rural areas who cannot access an outlet with the program.

Saving parents the hassle of shopping

The move was advised by the need to stop parents visiting stores with their children to try shoes that they will outgrow after a few months. The company says that shopping for children’s shoes online comes with sizing issues as well as return hassles.

Dave Cobban the General manager of Nike Adventure club said the company realised that parents go through a lot of pain when shopping for children’s shoes and thus they saw an opportunity to try a different solution. The company began a pilot of the sneaker club two years ago and it grew exceptionally and now Nike is ready to expand it.

Once one subscribes they will get an email with a selection of over 100 styles of converse and Nike shoes to pick from. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime.