Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) founder and CEO Elon Musk is recently tweeted about some of the features that will be available in his company’s upcoming V10 software update.

The tweet-happy CEO seized the opportunity to build up some hype for the upcoming software by revealing that the update is rapidly approaching its launch date. Musk did not reveal the launch date but he did point out that early access Tesla owners will get to experience it soon. The new software update is also expected to be significantly faster than the previous version.

“Video is amazing with the Tesla sound system. Will include Caraoke!” stated Musk in his tweet.

The statement was a nod to the recently announced news that the upcoming update will allow Tesla owners to access YouTube and Netflix for content streaming. The Tesla CEO added to the hype by stating that the in-car streaming experience will be amazing and immersive especially due to the sound system in the vehicles.

Elon also excitedly revealed that the update will have a karaoke feature, thus adding to the overall experience. He also revealed in another tweet that Tesla vehicle owners who wish to access the streaming services through their in-car screens will have to subscribe to the premium connectivity package.

The content streaming will be available when vehicles are not in motion

Tesla will initially limit the availability of the content streaming feature to when vehicles are static. However, the company plans on making it available full-time as soon as it receives regulatory green light for its fully autonomous driving system.

Musk also responded to a question about Tesla’s Fully self-driving technology (FSD), by stating that it will be able to read all road signs. Tesla owners are also excited about other features such as Smart Summon which will allow Tesla owners to summon their vehicles from their parking spots.

Once summoned, the vehicles can drive themselves to the owner’s location as long as it is within 150 ft from where the vehicle was parked. This might be a handy feature for supermarket runs, making the owner’s shopping experience easier and more fun.