Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has issued an update to its troubled iOS13. However, the company warned the users of the iPhone that the patch iOS13.1 still has flaws. The iPad and iPhone users, who use third-party keyboards, are still prone to hacks. The flaw allows hackers to access third-party keyboards on these devices and control activities. It could leak sensitive information to others without your permission.

The third-party keyboards allow running standalone instructions. iPhones with access to the network allow offering additional features. According to Apple, it has discovered the flaw in its iOS13 that allows full access to the keyboard extensions (Swiftkey and Gboard). It is applicable to iPad OS.

Warning applicable to millions of users

Apple said the severe warning applies to millions of users of iPhone and iPads. It will have to issue a myriad of updates to fix this issue. The hackers do not need permissions of the users to get full access to the third-party keyboards on iPads and iPhones. This problem is well-known to the public. Apple is working on a fix and still not found a solution. However, it will not affect the official keyboard on the flagship devices. Until the release of iOS13, the official keywords have limited functionality that leads to the use of third-party keyboards.

Check installation of third-party keyboard

The users can check if any third-party keyboard has been installed on their iPads and iPhones. To know, they need to go to settings > General > Keyboard> keyboards on their devices. If you are unsure, you can install and wait until Apple issues an update.

Who is affected?

It is a shame that Apple has released iPhones and iPads that allow hackers to access the keyboards. All the new iPhone 11 Max, iPhone 11 Pro, and Phone 11 are shipped with iOS 13. The users have no option to change the iOS13. The users of older iPhones, who update their iOS to iOS13, get exposure to a multitude of problems.

You can expect Apple to issue a fix iOS13.1.1 in the next 4 to 8 weeks. But, it will not solve the issues. Apple would have to release several updates in the coming months to address the keyboard issues.