Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has announced the recall of over 550,000 SUVs and Trucks including 2020 and 2019 Super Duty Trucks, 2018, 2019 and 2020 F-150 Pickups, 2020, and 2019 Expedition SUVs and 2019, and 2018 Explorer SUVs. The company is recalling the trucks and SUVs in North America because of the finding that seatback recliner mechanisms in the front passenger seat likely to fail during a crash.

Lacks third pawl and risk of injury

The recall also includes faulty manual seatback mechanisms in the rear seats of the Lincoln Aviator SUVs and 2020 SUV Explorers. According to the finding of Ford, the seats in these vehicles may not have a third pawl and likely to cause injury during a crash. It feels that faulty seats may get detached in a crash. However, the company does not have any data on the injuries caused so far with these vehicles.

Ford recalls the vehicles citing minor safety issues. This is the second time in a month.

Owners to get notifications

The recall includes 483,325 vehicles in the US, 8,149 vehicles in Mexico, and 58,712 vehicles in Canada. Ford will intimate the owners of super duty trucks, SUVs and Pickups through its dealers beginning October 7, 2019. The dealers will inspect around 5510,186 vehicles and replace the faulty reclining seat mechanisms. It is a precautionary measure and may not require replacement in most of the vehicles.

Ford Recalls F-150 to fix the transmission issue

In June 2019, Ford has recalled 2013 F-150 to fix the transmission issues caused due to a faulty software upgrade in the earlier recall. The previous software upgrade does not have any update to provide the driver with a warning light or prevent unintended shift. It has recalled 107,850 vehicles to fix unexpected shifting of the transmissions into the first gear.

The fix is mandatory because automatic shifting of the transmission into the first gear at high speeds may cause loss of control and the resulting fatal accidents. According to Ford, the fix is applied only in 2013 F-150 trucks with 6.2 liters or 5.0-liter six-speed automatic transmission.