Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that launch of the Tesla pickup truck has been pushed to November. Initially, the truck had been planned to arrive this summer or latest in October based on previous information from the CEO.

Tesla Pickup truck expected in November

Musk has been talking about the manufacture of a Tesla pickup since 2017. He showed an early concept image of a novel cab-over type of truck whose design is similar to that of the Tesla Semi truck in 2017. The standout feature of the truck is the ability to carry a full-size pickup truck in its bed.

At the time, the CEO had indicated that most of the design work of the pickup truck was complete, and it was waiting for the magic of final details. He had describes the truck to be a futuristic-like cyberpunk, “Blade Runner” that will be amazing and awesome. The truck will seemingly have a lot of titanium.

Musk has indicated that he won’t care if his passion project doesn’t sell. He conceded that he would build a new conventional truck in future if this doesn’t succeed. Tesla will unveil the pickup truck in November.

Growing competition in building electric pickup trucks

The company faces competition from another company whenever it comes up with a new launch. For instance, there has been word regarding Ford Motor Company’s (NYSE: F) new all-electric F-150 truck for some time now. The company has been focusing on lauding the truck how similar it is to Ford’s other best-selling pickups while at the same time emphasizing on the “Ford tough” mantra.

Ford expects the electric F-150 to be available as early as 2021. For those looking for something futuristic, they can consider the $69,000 R1T form Rivan. Ford is also in partnership with Volkswagen to build a medium-sized e-pickup that could hit the market in 2022. In April this year, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) indicated that they were building a full-sized electric pickup truck and they plan to launch it once it is competitively appropriate.