• The FUEL is derived from SEAWATER.
  • No Fossil Fuels – 100% CARBON FREE.
  • NO LONG TERM hazardous radioactive waste.
  • Technology recently PROVEN AND PUBLISHED in world leading Fusion Energy Journal.
  • ULTIMATE Clean Energy Solution for Multi-Trillion-Dollar Electric Power Grid market.
  • Can generate BILLIONS IN EARLY HIGH MARGIN REVENUES with revolutionary new way to make Medical Scanning & Cancer Treatment radioisotopes at HALF THE CURRENT COST.
  • DESIGN PLANS for the first commercial generators are COMPLETED now.
  • US Nuclear will build the Fusion Generators and is an established manufacturer of high-tech products purchased by NASA, the EPA, Department of Energy, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, MIT, Pacific Gas & Electric, General Electric, Lawrence Livermore, Oakridge National Lab and more.
  • With a market cap of $14 Million, US Nuclear shares are expected to revalue sharply as word of the MIFTI/MIFTEC Fusion Energy breakthrough becomes known.

The Historic Achievement

Every company has a unique story that attracts investors, and once every decade or two an unknown company announces news that is hard to believe, but that can be world-changing to many, and even life-changing to early investors.

This is the story about what appears to be one of mankind’s biggest technological achievements.  This is about finally solving the dream of unlimited, clean energy from thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms that powers our sun and the stars.  After decades of pursuit, billions of dollars of R&D and countless failures, a new Fusion Energy Generator has finally been conclusively proven to actually work and is about to make Fusion Energy a reality . . . and the story is just beginning to unfold.

Staged Z-Pinch LTD 10MA Fusion Energy Generator

This new Staged Z-Pinch LTD 10MA Fusion Energy Generator is small and inexpensive compared to fission reactors and accelerators and uses only an isotope of seawater as fuel.  For each unit of energy that is put into the Fusion Generator, 300 units of energy are delivered at the output.  This is the first time in history that Net Positive Energy Gain is really achievable.

A small and relatively unknown microcap company, US Nuclear has been working with MIFTI (Magneto Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc.) the creators and developers of the patented breakthrough fusion technology, and had the foresight to invest in them and to also execute licensing agreements to produce the world-changing Fusion Generators that can revolutionize the $4 Trillion global electric power grid.

US Nuclear Corp. (UCLE: OTCQB) also invested in and partnered with MIFTI’s sister company, MIFTEC Labs, that owns a revolutionary and patented new way to make Medical Radioisotopes using Fusion Energy as opposed to the current method of Fission Technology.  Because they have eliminated most of the extremely high cost of handling and disposing of hazardous nuclear waste, US Nuclear and MIFTEC believe they will be able to supply high-quality radioisotopes at half the current cost in a $10 Billion market that is suffering severe shortages.

Over 30 Years and Billions to Realize the Dream

Billions of dollars have been invested in many different companies attempting to develop fusion power, but until now, results have been massively disappointing as reported by Daniel Jassby, retired Plasma Physics leading expert in neutrons in his article, Voodoo Fusion Energy.  Jassby says, “Numerous fusion “startups” promise a practical fusion reactor delivering net electric power in 5 to 10 years, but almost all have apparently never produced a single D-D fusion reaction (NEUTRONS!). The currently most notorious (in alphabetical order) are General Fusion, Helion Energy, Lockheed-Martin Compact Fusion and Tri-Alpha Energy, all of which have made that promise for the last 5 to 15 years.”

The MIFTI/MIFTEC Fusion Energy Breakthrough and Time to Commercialization

The world’s leading Fusion Energy Journal, “Physics of Plasma’s recently published a report that was peer reviewed, investigated, and confirmed. The breakthrough was buried in a highly technical report about using various liners in fusion experiments where it was disclosed that MIFTI actually generated a surprisingly powerful and stable neutron flux of 10 to the 10th power on a small machine of only 1 Mega Amperes at the University of Nevada, Reno Terawatt Facility. The title of this report is, “Ar and Kr on deuterium gas-puff staged Z-pinch implosions on a 1-MA driver: Experiment and simulation” as it appears on the May 2019 issue.

With their fusion technology now proven, the group already completed final construction plans for a larger 10 Mega Ampere machine that is designed to generate a staggering 10 to the 15th power in neutrons. The companies are currently in numerous funding discussions to begin building the first machine. Management reports that most parts for the machine are available in the open market and that the time to build the first machine could take closer to one year, but they are allowing extra time for what is always the unknown.

When asked what the biggest milestone achievements have been since they first announced their breakthrough technology last year, Jerry Simmons said, “In the second half of last year we did what nobody else has ever been able to do. Not even the big government projects. We made history by generating Neutron Flux in excess of 1010 from fusion power using an isotope of hydrogen from seawater instead of radioactive enriched uranium. This proves beyond any doubt that our machine can make the isotopes used in nuclear medicine (i.e. Mo-99, Tc-99m, cobalt 60, iodine, etc.). It is only a matter now of simply scaling the power or electric current flow of our machine up so we can achieve the greater Neutron Flux of 1012+. Dr. Hafiz Rahman, President and Chief Scientist and his staff at MIFTEC Labs and the University of Nevada, Reno National Terawatt Facility, tells us that our scientific experimental predictions and the device will work as designed.”

Dr. Hafiz Rahman says, “To give you an idea of how advanced we are, when we achieve 1015, it will be 10,000,000,000 (ten billion) times more powerful than 105. That is more than enough power to create all the Neutron Flux we need to supply low cost radioisotopes and power for production of electricity with our compact, low cost machines.”

Simmons continuing, “The machine we used at University of Nevada, Reno Terawatt Facility was a 1 MA (1 Mega Amp) machine which limited the Neutron Flux we could generate to 1010. Last year, we hired a top nuclear design engineer and he has already completed the design for our new 10 MA (10 Mega Amps) LTD-X Staged Z-Pinch Fusion Generator that is designed to generate1015 Neutron Flux that is extremely powerful and matches or exceeds the high power of the fission reactors being used today for radioisotope production. Our new generators are small and will fit into a building close to where the radioisotopes will be used. Our generators will be only a tiny fraction of the cost of the huge nuclear fission reactors and linear accelerators, and there will be no long-term hazardous radioactive waste to contend with that is dangerous and extremely expensive. Nuclear fission reactors can cost anywhere from several hundred million dollars to several billion dollars and we estimate that our machine will sell for around 5 million dollars. Our Staged Z-Pinch LTD-X Fusion Generator will be small and compact and will require very few people to operate. The bottom line is that we will be able to deliver enormous amounts of Energy that has been proven and that can create unlimited, clean, carbon-free, safe, low-cost energy

US Nuclear Invests in MIFTI/MIFTEC and Signs Licensing Agreements

In early 2018, US Nuclear announced they had invested in and partnered with MIFTEC Labs to become a large supplier in the $10 billion medical radioisotope market. US Nuclear and MIFTEC agreed that US Nuclear will be the Exclusive manufacturer for the MIFTEC Medical Radioisotope Fusion Generators.  US Nuclear expects to build hundreds of MIFTEC Fusion Radioisotope Generators with the potential to earn billions of dollars.  Additionally, US Nuclear stands to participate in a substantial percentage of billions of dollars in Medical Radioisotope revenues that would be generated every year.

In April 2019, U.S. Nuclear announced they invested in and partnered with the Fusion Power Leader, MIFTI, Magneto Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc. With a patented solution for Fusion Energy that has been proven and that can create unlimited, clean, carbon-free, safe, low-cost energy and electricity, there is no reasonable valuation that can be assigned to this opportunity.  Harnessing Fusion Energy has been the dream for over 50 years, but is no longer a dream and is finally a reality.  MIFTI is the first and only winner of the Fusion dream for unlimited, clean and low-cost power.  US Nuclear and MIFTI have agreed to US Nuclear investment in MIFTI and to a licensing agreement where US Nuclear will manufacture the fusion generators for MIFTI.

Clean Energy is Big Business

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA: NASDAQ) is making big waves in reducing carbon fuels in the automobile industry and in electric storage systems.  Their focus on electric powered vehicles that eliminate carbon emissions from vehicle exhausts.  Tesla, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles, and energy generation and storage systems in the United States, China, Netherlands, Norway, and internationally. The company operates in two segments, Automotive, and Energy Generation and Storage. The Automotive segment offers sedans and sport utility vehicles. It also provides electric vehicle powertrain components and systems to other manufacturers; and services for electric vehicles through its company-owned service centers, Service Plus locations, and Tesla mobile technicians. This segment sells its products through a network of company-owned stores and galleries. The Energy Generation and Storage segment offers energy storage products, such as rechargeable lithium-ion battery systems for use in homes, commercial facilities, and utility grids; designs, manufactures, installs, maintains, leases, and sells solar energy systems to residential and commercial customers; and sell renewable energy to residential and commercial customers.

General Electric (GE:NYSE) is a major provider of renewable energy in all the areas of wind, solar, and hydroelectric and provides over 400 GW installed worldwide.

First Solar (FSLR: NASDAQ) is a $6.6 billion market cap provider of clean energy photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions in the United States and internationally. It operates in two segments, Modules and Systems. The Components segment designs, manufactures, and sells cadmium telluride solar modules that convert sunlight into electricity. This segment offers its products to integrators and operators of PV solar power systems. The Systems segment provides turn-key PV solar power systems or solar solutions, such as project development; engineering, procurement, and construction; and operating and maintenance services to utilities, independent power producers, commercial and industrial companies, and other system owners.

Plug Power (PLUG: NASDAQ) is an alternative energy technology provider, engaging in the design, development, manufacture, and commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell systems for the material handling and stationary power markets primarily in North America and Europe. It focuses on proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell and fuel processing technologies, fuel cell/battery hybrid technologies, and related hydrogen storage and dispensing infrastructure. The company offers GenDrive, a hydrogen fueled PEM fuel cell system that provides power to material handling electric vehicles; GenFuel, a hydrogen fueling delivery, generation, storage, and dispensing system; GenCare, an ongoing maintenance and service program for GenDrive fuel cells, GenSure products, GenFuel products, and ProGen engines; and GenSure, a stationary fuel cell solution that provides modular PEM fuel cell power to support the backup and grid-support power requirements of the telecommunications, transportation, and utility sectors. It also provides GenKey, a turn-key solution for transitioning to fuel cell power; ProGen, a fuel cell stack and engine technology used in mobility and stationary fuel cell systems, and as engines in electric delivery vans; and GenFund, which offers financing solutions to customers. The company offers its products to distribution and manufacturing businesses, and government agencies through direct product sales force, original equipment manufacturers, and dealer networks. Plug Power Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Latham, New York.

US Nuclear Financial Highlights

Risk Factors

Risk Factors are the usual lengthy list of CYA factors and are listed in detail in the Annual Report, but clearly the biggest risk factors are, first, does the technology really work, and second, can they get the financing to make it happen?

The recent publication in the world’s leading Fusion Energy Journal, “Physics of Plasmas”, is a very strong “proof of concept.”  US Nuclear partners MIFTI/MIFTEC have achieved what no other company or government has ever achieved.  The ONLY proof of Thermonuclear Fusion Energy is the creation of large quantities of neutrons.  Nobody has EVER generated anything close to the results of MIFTI/MIFTEC which were peer reviewed, investigated, validated, and then published in the most respected Fusion Energy Journal in the world.

Plans for the larger machine that have been scaled up by leading nuclear physics designers are now completed and the first machines are ready for construction as soon as funding discussions that are currently underway are finalized.

We are told that the timeline to completion is about 2 years.

Knowing that the first machines can produce billions of dollars of valuable Medical Radioisotopes that are in critically short supply now, US Nuclear and their partners MIFTI and MIFTEC appear to be well positioned to capture a very large portion of a $10 billion industry.  Think about this question . . . If you can buy valuable Medical Radioisotopes at X, who would even consider paying 2X?


US Nuclear Low Share Price and Small Number of Shares Outstanding Favors Small Investors Who Will Be First Buyers

No matter how enormous this discovery becomes, the simple fact is that large investors and Institutional investors are at a distinct disadvantage because they typically take a long time to make buy decisions and are frequently prohibited from buying any shares of a company that are under $5 and that are not listed on Nasdaq.  US Nuclear shares trade on the OTC market and have been trading in a range between $.60 and $1.40 for the past 90 days.  Trading volume has been very low averaging just under 10,000 shares per day.

The market capitalization is exceptionally low at about $14 million.  The total outstanding shares number about 18 million, of which management owns about 10 million.  Management shares are tightly held resulting in an exceptionally small float that is easily subject to extraordinarily large moves, especially as news of this magnitude makes its way out to the mainstream.

An example of the volatility of UCLE shares is when news of the MIFTEC strategic partnership was announced last year, shares ran from about $.40 to $5.00, but have quietly drifted back down closer to a dollar awaiting further news developments as they unfold.  Trading volume is expected to increase dramatically as buying increases. In last year’s run from $.40 to $5.00, trading volume increased to over a million shares on some days.

Emerging MicroCaps targets 12-month share price at $14 and 24-month price at $30 with Amazon-like pricing in the ensuing years.  Assuming about the same capitalization, we feel that our respective 12-month and 24-month market cap targets of $252 million and $540 million are conservative and that any potential future dilutive financings will be so minimal that they are likely to have little impact on target valuations.

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