Walmart Inc. (NYSE:WMT) has partnered with TerraCycle to offer the country’s largest car seat recycling event with close to 4,000 Walmarts taking part in the event.

Customers to receive a gift card to trade old car seats

The retailer will be gifting customers participating in the program with a $30 gift card for trading their old car seats. The program commenced on Monday and will run through the end of this month in celebration of National Baby Safety Month.

Walmart Baby VP Melody Richards stated that the retailer’s Baby department consider car seat safety as a top priority. Richards says that as a result, they consider using their size and scale of the retailer to create an event that gave customers a chance to trade in their car seat and receive a gift card to use on the next baby car seat. She further stressed on the importance of sustainability to the company reason for the partnership with TerraCycle.

TerraCycle to take plastic from landfills equivalent to 35 million water bottles

Tom Skazy, the CEO of TerraCycle, plans to divert plastic that will be equivalent to around 35 million water bottles from landfills. He says that through the Walmart Car Seat Recycling Program, the company will manage to recycle the traditionally non-recyclable car seats. Skazy says that they are delighted to partner with Walmart in offering families across the country a way to give their little ones’ car seat a second life.

The waste management company will use a material disassembly model for the car seat recycling to separate the car seat parts based on their components. After disassembling the seat, the company will then process the component into usable raw materials to produce new products.  

TerraCycle’s material sales and procurement VP Brett Steven stated that all the work would happen in the US and none of the car seat materials will go into landfills. This is not the first time TerraCycle and Walmart are working together, but it is the first time they have collaborated in a national take-back program for car seats.