Amgen Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AMGN) trial buzzy KRAS drug was popular for lung cancer, but it fell short for colorectal cancer according to the company’s latest update. During the annual European Society of Medical Oncology meeting, the company indicated that it failed for colon cancer. This raises concerns regarding the effectiveness of the drug against different types of cancers

AMG 510 managed partial remission in one colorectal cancer patient

The drug, AMG510, was in an early-stage first phase study focused on the patients treated previously for KRAS G12C mutant tumors. The study enrolled 76 subjects, but according to the analysis presented at the ESMO congress, the main focus was on a subset of colorectal cancer cohort. The subjects received the highest dose of 960 mg, which was even. The drug only managed one partial remission, which is equivalent to a response rate of 8% at the target dose. There weren’t any safety concerns regarding the trial. 

An appendiceal cancer subject showed a partial response. The results are disappointing as had been hinted by the company. The trial also focused on other types of cancers. Around 13 subjects with non-small cell lung cancer were given a high dose with seven of them showing partial response at given time pints while six attained stable disease for a 100% disease control rate.  

AMG 510 showed success in non-small cell lung cancer

Recently the company presented new data on AMG510 in non-small cell lung cancer during the World Conference on Lung cancer. The data was more promising. The results included 23 NSCLC subjects whereby 13 took the target dose of 960mg. The drug was successful in keeping cancer at bay in 100% of NSCLC patients and reduced tumors in half of the subjects.

The company was optimistic that the results could have translated to colorectal cancer, but the partial response was not as impressive as in NSCLC. Although it is a common oncogene that has shown success in killing cancers, KRAS, on the other hand, is a tough target considered “undruggable.” It has generated considerable coverage this year as the company has been optimistic about it.