Image Protect Inc (OTCMKTS:IMTL) just hit the wires this morning with an update on User Activity growth on its Fotofy Platform.

As summarized in the release: The Fotofy Platform gives image creators and owners the power to upload high-quality images to the Fotofy Image Marketplace, where they can be accessed and shared by image users for free.

“As these images are propagated across the web, image owners can track them on the Fotofy Analytics Dashboard as they are used and shared, eventually opening them up for availability to Fotofy’s new proprietary programmatic ad exchange, which will go live on November 1. That will enable the images to host in-image ads, driving revenues back to a central pool, to be divided up among image owners, image users, and Image Protect shareholders, thereby incentivizing more image uploads and more image sharing, organically expanding the total web real estate available to advertisers on the ad exchange.”

That’s why it’s extremely interesting to learn that data from the company out this morning showed robust month-over-month growth in image sharing during the platform’s second live month. 

  • For the month ended September 15, Daily Impressions averaged 25,212 and Image Embeds reached 245. For the month ended October 15, Daily Impressions averaged 165,107 and Image Embeds reached 2,914. 
  • That represents 560% m/m growth in average daily image impressions and 1,089% m/m growth in image embeds for images shared directly from the Fotofy Image Marketplace at

“The dramatic expansion in impressions and embeds on a sequential monthly basis is a powerful confirmation of market adoption for the Fotofy Platform,” commented Matthew Goldman, CEO of Image Protect. “Because these content interactions are taking place predominantly away from our site at, they imply content sharing and the spread of Fotofy image real estate across the web.”

Mr. Goldman continued, “This dramatic growth in image sharing is particularly exciting to see at this stage because we haven’t even started to deploy our marketing budget. In other words, with almost no push, Fotofy is taking off on an organic basis, and metrics critical to forecasting future ad revenue potential are demonstrating unequivocally significant growth after just two months post-launch.”

In other words, Fotofy is truly taking off. It won’t be long before we start to talk about money flowing in the door as free cash from operations. And with the stock still in the sub-penny realm, the upside potential could be significant, to say the least.