Image Protect Inc (OTCMKTS:IMTL) just released a new short educational marketing video to demonstrate some of what makes its proprietary image sharing technology so interesting. You can view the video here. The interesting take on this release is that it would seem to signal the beginning of what might be a very important process that could awaken the stock: Product Marketing. Now that the company has launched its game-changing platform, and now that it is seeing strong user growth, a more active deployment of marketing resources may have an incendiary impact on this powder keg of potential.

Image Protect CEO, Matthew Goldman, commented, “While using the features and functionality of the Fotofy Platform is extremely intuitive, many of our active image creators and users are eager to understand more about how Fotofy’s image sharing process works. This video is a quick and easy resource to help foster that understanding. It also contributes to our base of marketing assets as we continue to drive the rapid expansion of our active user base.”

Image Protect Inc (OTCMKTS:IMTL) has become an increasingly interesting stock for speculators in recent weeks. As far as we can tell, the process of marketing for the company’s Fotofy platform will be sailing with the wind right now. As noted in the release, the company has been excited to witness the sharp growth in active users, image submissions, and image sharing on Fotofy since the platform was launched in August. 

In that time, the month-over-month rate of growth for the most important metrics have far surpassed initial management expectations: Image Submissions up 3,840% m/m, Average Daily Impressions up 560% m/m, and Image Embeds up 1,089% m/m.

Those are quite frankly stunning growth numbers for this stage of the process. And deploying a marketing budget should amplify that success many times over.

“We have cultivated strong engagement and organic growth, but we are ready to begin augmenting that adoption rate through more aggressive marketing strategies, and education will be a big part of that process,” continued Mr. Goldman.

For Some Context

Recall that the Fotofy Platform gives image creators and owners the power to upload high-quality images to the Fotofy Image Marketplace, where they can be accessed and shared by image users for free.

As these images are propagated across the web, image owners can track them on the Fotofy Analytics Dashboard as they are used and shared, eventually opening them up for availability to Fotofy’s new proprietary programmatic ad exchange, which will go live on November 1. 

That will enable the images to host in-image ads, driving revenues back to a central pool, to be divided up among image owners, image users, and Image Protect shareholders, thereby incentivizing more image uploads and more image sharing, organically expanding the total web real estate available to advertisers on the ad exchange.The stock has seen some aggressive action of late, recently rallying as much as 250% in a several days. It has pulled back to check key long-term support at this point. But the progress and growth that seems to be going on at Fotofy suggests much more powerful upside potential could come into the picture as the market starts to appreciate how user growth on the Fotofy Platform will eventually directly translate into revenue growth for Image Protect, and IMTL shareholders.