ISWH is a stock that deserves some attention. This is a triple-zero sub-penny with a vision and a string of successes that seem to shine in striking contrast to the stock’s low share price and depressed pattern of recent behavior. Under such circumstances, perhaps the most important thing a company can do is to reinforce the credibility of its messaging. 

In this case, the company is rightly focusing on audit and uplist – two key buzz terms that center on transparency to increase the importance of all of the company’s good news. After all, no matter how well you’re doing, it doesn’t mean squat unless people believe you.

Specifically, according to the release, International Spirits & Wellness Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS: ISWH), a top-tier brand incubator in the Spirits, CBD-Infused Products, and Home Healthcare markets, announced that it has engaged M&K CPA’s PLLC, a full-service CPA firm based in Houston, TX, to undertake a full audit of the four quarters ended September 30, 2019, as part of the process of uplisting shares onto the OTCQB exchange.

ISWH is an authorized importer, licensor, and marketer of premium beverage brands, with sales of innovative products and brands worldwide. 

Based in Nevada, the Company’s expertise lies in the strategic development and aggressive early growth of its brands and the establishment of these brands as viable and profitable as an incubator. ISWH intends to nurture emerging brands through critical stages of market development, including conceptualization, go-to-market strategy, supply chain and logistics engineering, integrated marketing, and distribution. 

In addition, ISWH has now established itself as a health and wellness company with a focus on reshaping the CBD products market through state-of-the-art nanotechnology processes, developing a wide range of nano-infused CBD gummies and beverages formulations. These products will be sold through the Company’s website, as well as through established wholesale and retail distribution channels.

The company has also partnered with Bengala Technologies to develop and commercialize enterprise and B2B software technology products targeting the logistics and supply-chain marketplace.

Changing the Game

ISWH CEO Terry Williams stated, “We are unquestionably in the most exciting stretch in this Company’s history. But we also understand that there is a credibility gap that needs to be closed. The Company has progressed to a point where it no longer makes any sense for this to be a pink sheet stock. We have a profitable enterprise with huge growth cooking across three segments. And we have several game-changing partnership agreements that will roll out well before year end. It’s important that we act with a genuine sense of urgency to uplist the stock now to ensure that these accomplishments are not overlooked by serious investors.”

That quote just about says it all. As investors may already know, shifting from the Pink Sheets and onto the OTCQB exchange normally demands thorough completion of a full audit of all financial records for the prior two years of operations. However, as the company noted in its release, ISWH has already submitted two-years of fully-audited financial records in the recent past. As a result, the company will only need to submit audited records covering the prior four quarters. That stacks the odds even further in the company’s direction.

Furthermore, as noted, the company believes that this step will provide better access to institutional investors, a broader shareholder base, and greater credibility with the Company’s partners, clients, stakeholders, and customers, as well as with the wider investment community.

“Make no mistake about it: we are ready to ask a wider audience to bet on us because we know we have something special going on,” continued Mr. Williams. “The team at M&K are highly professional and will provide an unbiased confirmation of the dramatic success we have seen so far this year. Moving up onto the Venture Market tier will give us access to institutional money flows and a much broader investor base, which we believe will help ISWH achieve much bigger things in the quarters ahead.”

ISWH pulled in sales of $141K in its last reported quarterly financials, representing top line growth of 6497.2%.