To help people, who are away at work or moving, Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) introduced in-home deliveries in cities: Kansas, Florida, Vero Beach, Missouri, and Pittsburgh. Its associates would use smart technology to the homes of customers, deliver the groceries, and exit without any issues.

Wearable camera during delivery

To access the home of customers, the associates of Walmart would use the wearable camera and smart entry technology while the customers can watch the delivery of groceries remotely. Walmart sourced the front door smart entry technology from Level Home and garage door smart entry technology from Nortek Security & Control.

With this initiative, the customers can save their valuable time and money by preventing a visit to the local grocery store. The customers can avail in-home delivery service for free for the first month. They have an option to exit the service at any time.

Fulfills in-home delivery announced in summer

Walmart has fulfilled the in-home delivery service announced this summer and allowing the customers to enjoy fresh groceries every day in their garage fridges and kitchen. The company is pleased to serve 1 million customers for the first time in cities: Vero Beach, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh.

Walmart is happy to make the lives of customers easy and simplify the shopping of groceries. Customers need not be at home to receive groceries. They need to check the website of Walmart and check if their address qualifies for in-home delivery service. Customers need to ensure a garage fridge or kitchen to deliver the groceries. Walmart charges $49.95 for the smart device. The customers can enjoy the free installation of the device.

After installing the lock, the customers can avail of unlimited home deliveries at an introductory monthly price of $19.95. Everyone loves this service. You can quickly exit the service at any time in case of dislike or if the system is not working correctly.

Benefits of in-home delivery service

A mom of three kids – Laura, who works fulltime as a graphics designer in Kansas City, doesn’t have time to buy ingredients after the work but loves to prepare banana bread with her children. Laura benefits from the in-home delivery services of Walmart and buys the ingredients online to bake banana bread at home. It saves her time and prevents a visit to the grocery store after work.