A report released by Electrek over the weekend indicated that Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has rolled out a software update to its Autopilot. The update incorporates cones into the driving visualization, and it will enable the company’s electric cars to detect and display pylons on the road.

Higher expectations

Sure, Tesla’s Autopilot had been adept at detecting other vehicles on the road; this wasn’t the only thing consumers had to worry about. They also had to put up with the possibility of plowing into pylons that wall cars off from roadwork.

However, things are about to change if the new feature works as promised. Vehicles with a complete set of self-driving capabilities can detect pylons, display them clearly on the screen, and automatically avoid them seamlessly. If you are using Navigate on Autopilot, the vehicle’s EV will plane lane changes depending on its predetermined settings to avoid crashing into cones. Thus, you will not end up taking control of construction works.

The recent update to the Autopilot driving visualization follows a significant one that took effect a few months ago, letting drivers zoom in and out and rotate the image as well. Tesla is on a quest to create a flawless self-driving experience, and its efforts seem to be paying off.

Safety first

Of course, these achievements don’t imply that you should completely trust the software and start playing your favorite mobile games while the semi-autonomous drive mode is still on. Some of the early users have warned that the Autopilot may not recognize the pylons. This could potentially lead to unsafe lane changes – for instance, steering you into construction work or oncoming traffic.

Additionally, Tesla warned drivers that they should be attentive at all times as the software isn’t a substitute for being observant.

The recent improvement reveals how much an automatic pilot system can keep advancing in the future. Who knows, maybe in the future you will be able to visit any place with the Autopilot system without putting your hands on the wheel.