Unilever NV (NYSE:UN) And Kraft Heinz Co (NASDAQ:KHC) that ran food porn ads on Pornhub are under fire. According to the available information, these two firms have secretly pushed their ads on Pornhub.

Male grooming product ads

Dollar Shave Club, a unit of Unilever, has posted ads on male grooming products that include razors on Pornhub. According to the ad, the males, who use these razors, need not visit Pornhub several times as in the past. Pornhub asked the company to remove the offensive content immediately; otherwise, it would eliminate ads on YouTube and Facebook.

The companies that advertise their products on the largest porn site in the U, Pornhub, get huge exposure.

Two months after, Unilever said complying with trusted publishers in March 2019, the Creative Director of Dollar Shave, Matt Knapp, said it chose the site because it gets guys backs. According to an interview with Mi3 marketing journal, pushing ads on Pornhub is cheaper and provides more exposure for the products.

Unilever vows not to post ads on pornhub

Facing criticism from various circles, including politicians that recommend investigations, Unilever said yesterday that it would not post food porn ads on pornhub. According to a communiqué from a spokesman of Unilever, the content is troubling, and the company would ensure not to post ads on any porn site that includes pornhub. The head office of Unilever in the UK said Dollar Shave Club in the UK has operational independence and not aware of its acts.

Kraft Heinz’s food porn campaign

The owner of Capri-Sun, HP Sauce, and Weight Watchers, Kraft Heinz, said it chose the Food Porn Campaign on the front page of Pornhub to promote its frozen food brand – Devour in January 2019. The company said it ran the ad for one day only. According to the spokesman of Heinz, the brand explicitly describes Food Porn, which is common on Instagram.

Yvett orders a police investigation

Child porn is predominant on Pornhub. It shows indecent images of kids as old as three years and sex acts of men in front of teenagers in buses. Yvett, a chair of the home affairs select committee, said this matter is dangerous and illegal and calls for a police investigation.