Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has been making efforts to limit the activities of political advertisers. However, leading digital strategies are finding ways to go around the matter.

A close focus

 The advertising director for ad firm Authentic Brands Jonathan Barnes has revealed the way he has been going about matters. The official says that he usually uploads given public voter files for Google with the motive to get them matching to some particular profiles online. His plan has always revolved around reaching out to the owners of those profiles though some target ads.

According to him, this company’s efforts are futile considering that it will only lead to other platforms gaining more revenues. He specified that the ones to benefit would be those platforms deemed to have less ad transparency.

Authentic Brands is a big name in the campaigns arena. This is even considering that was the driving force behind the presidential bid of Kamala Harris.

Google says it won’t be leaving anything to chance and vows to eliminate any retrogressive functions. It has also sent out a warning to the various political advertisers asking them to observe the best practices. According to the company, all targeting efforts should conform to particular aspects such as location, age, and gender.

Barnes doesn’t believe that Google has taken any strong move. He insists that the search giant isn’t getting it right yet. That is because the list matching isn’t being conducted through Google.

The turn of events

According to the official, political advertisers remain unstoppable considering that there are a lot of options for them out there. They would, for instance, consider the more expansive targeting strategies on Google. They would for instance resort to buying important demographics which they could easily obtain from other companies. These providers are commonly referred to as the demand-side platforms (DSPs). These may choose to buy the inventory that they need and that is possible through Google’s ad exchange.

Lawmakers and academics have been so much against the micro-targeting capabilities lately. Their firm stand is bringing in major dynamics in which case most of the political strategies are starting to turn to the newer and the smaller products. Reports indicate that most of these products are associated with quite minimal transparency.