SHARE, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) says that the holiday season is its busiest time in the year. This is leading company ships a billion packages in a matter of weeks. It is doing all within its means to ensure that it upholds its leadership in the market. Amazon has realized that it needs to prioritize safety in its service delivery.

A turning point for Amazon

There have been a lot of accidents happening lately. This has been blamed on the company’s act of overloading its delivery network that is growing significantly. There are also claims that the business guru has been doing quite little in terms of safety. That is in the movement of products to various destinations.

Amazon says that it has been channeling plenty of its resources towards the expansion of its delivery network. This started six years ago, and it has made tremendous steps already. However, accidents have been happening now and then.

Terrible accident

It was years ago that an accident occurred in the San Francisco suburb. It involved the company’s delivery van that was carrying products and a cyclist. The cyclist in question turned out to be the company’s first chief financial officer known as Joy Covey. It was a rather unfortunate incidence that got the company thinking about its delivery system.

Amazon has been directing a huge deal of focus on cutting down on costs and expanding its business.

It was sometime back that the online retailer revealed its plan to undertake on-road assessments for its large number of drivers. It had also selected an outside organization to oversee the exercise. Everyone though the company had decided to be dedicated, considering even the choice of the overseer with over four decades of experience.

Amazon later pronounced that it was not going to move ahead with the plan. It gave many reasons, and one of them being that the undertaking would discriminate against new drivers.

The business guru takes great pride in its abilities. It has taken it less than four years to set up a top-notch delivery system that has disrupted major businesses. It has specified the United Parcel Service and FedEx as some of the disrupted businesses.