Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) has been watching the technical expertise and innovation at Xumo for quite some time. As a company with a thirst to take over market leadership, it has expressed its interest in acquiring Xumo.

The business guru says that the easiest way to appeal to customers is through the delivery of premium services and experiences.

Details about the acquisition

Talks in line with the planned acquisition of a video streaming business are currently underway. On the other hand, the company’s NBCUniversal has outlined that it has made tremendous steps in its quest to unveil Peacock. This will be a high-end streaming service that will offer viewers great experiences at rather affordable rates. If all moves according to plan, it will be rolled out in April 2020.

Xumo happens to be a joint venture between Panasonic and Viant Technology, whose owner is Meredith Corporation. It has been a progress business over the years, focusing on the provision of an app that users accessed on mobile devices. The app was also accessible to users with the wide-ranging many smart TV platforms. Most of the users focusing on establishing vibrant businesses have been appreciating the fact that the ad-supported video streaming service has been free all along the way.

Xumo has also been licensing most of its integrations or the tech apps to top companies such as Hisense, Sharp, and Vizio.

The TV agreements, according to analysts, are going to move a long way catapulting the company to greater heights of business prowess.

A close outlook

NBCUniversal reveals that it has decided to license content from Lionsgate to the streaming business Peacock. Market observers say that it will be a good thing for Peacock to provide the ad-supported elements. However, it remains unclear whether or not the streaming service will have a lot of similarities with Xumo.

Market dynamics in the technological sector keep shifting, and this poses a major challenge to most of the companies. Surviving in such a market and being able to compete effectively at the same time is a huge challenge. However, Comcast Corporation has always been that company that faces challenges head-on! It has been embracing technology in its business undertakings, and that is how it has gotten o where it is today.