Ford Motor Company (NYSE: FORD) is introducing the most powerful Mustang, the Shelby GT500; it has ever produced. 


The latest Mustang for 2020 is already hitting showrooms. This new model dwarfs previous Mustang models, including those from the glory days in the 1960s. 

Ford Shelby GT500 to cost around $72,000

Days, when you could have to work the clutch pedal, could soon be a thing of the past as most cars nowadays are having automatic transmission. Ford is making the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 available only with automatic transmission. This is to the disappointment of those enthusiasts who are lovers of a manual transmission. Worse still is that if you are working on a budget, this powerful Mustang could be costly. The Shelby GT500 has set another record with its base price being around $72,000.

The 2020 Mustang will have more power, and it will be the latest Jack Roush Edition Mustang. For decades Roush has been popular in winning races as well as engineering muscle for the street. And now Roush will be putting sheaves of power into the Shelby GT500, which will have a horsepower of around 775. This pretty high, and it beats the company’s entry by around 15 horsepower.

Besides horsepower, there is another win for this new Mustang in that you can easily shift your gears. Regardless of it costing a fortune, it is nonetheless that fastest of all, Mustangs. It is almost $50,000 more on the price of the 2020 Mustang GT, and if you expect a limited edition track monster, you could start thinking of a bottom line of around$90,000. It is equally very comfortable on the street.

Ford Mustang competing with Chevrolet’s Chevy Camaro

Chevrolet’s Chevy Camaro has been Ford Mustang’s main rival for years both on the track on the showroom. The Chevy Camaro will get a few adjustments for 2020 as well as a new model the LT1. It is cheaper now to get a V8 horsepower in a Camaro at a base price of around $34,000. This significantly undercuts V8 Mustang GT’s price by almost $16,000.