Kroger Co (NYSE:KR) has clarified on the fake posts running in Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB). The company said offering a year worth free groceries to four lucky families, as mentioned in the Facebook posts are untrue and urged the users not to spread the messages.

Replying to a query from the customer, Kroger said it is a fake page on Facebook. The company is aware of this fake page and incorporating necessary changes to prevent the spread of this message.

Fake Facebook page shared 2,600 times

The fake Facebook post has been shared over 2,600 times and attracted comments from 1,500 users. Some users responded to the fake post and said they need the prize. The fake Kroger post on Facebook, which appeared on December 22, 2019, looks real and authentic at the first look. However, the logo on the fake Facebook page looks different slightly and has only eight hundred followers.

Best grocery stores in thirteen states

According to a recent study, the stores of Kroger are ranked the best in thirteen states. Kroger operates its business across the nation, unlike other grocery businesses that conduct local business only. According to the data analyzed by 24/7 Tempo from Google Trends and Yelp to identify the customer favorite supermarkets, Kroger is the best-preferred store by the customers.

24/7 Tempo scanned the shoppers in Mississippi, Ohio, Nevada, Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Virginia, Utah, Tennessee, and West Virginia to determine the customer favorite store. Kroger operates stores in one-third of the thirty-five states.

Customers prefer Kroger for fresh foods

Rodney McMullen, Chief Executive Officer of Kroger, said shoppers prefer Kroger stores because of a selection of a variety of fresh foods and excellent customer service. It outperforms the big-box competitors like Walmart.

Forms a JV for purchase efficiencies

Kroger and Walgreens expanded their partnership to create a JV – Retail Procurement Alliance. The JV is established to improve purchase efficiencies and use combined resources to offer products at reduced rates and drive innovation. Gary Millerchip, Chief Finance Officer of Kroger, said Walgreens and Kroger would strive to improve efficiencies in sourcing and enhance innovation. The two firms allied in 2018 to sell Kroger products at Walgreen stores.