Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) has come up with a new strategy to compete against, Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN). It understands that its rival is quite well established when it comes to the e-commerce domain. The best way will be to look at other areas that would work for it. The business guru is considering leveraging on its supercenters to make it large in the dynamic market.

State of affairs

Walmart is aware that customers appreciate it when they can easily access products and services. It wants to ramp up efforts to make products and services easily accessible to them. It has already channeled resources into its delivery segment to ensure customers receive goods as soon as possible.

It is also worth noting that there are some particular experiences that customers have for long been unable to order online. Walmart seems quite determined to take on Amazon in areas such as this, where it has been failing.

A close outlook

The other great move is the decision by Walmart to transform its stores into ‘edge computing’ centers. The company also thinks it wise to transform its warehouses into shipping and processing centers. This will work quite well for its third-party products. These are just, but a few of the company’s progressive plans that it expects will give it an edge.

It was recently that a few executives working with Walmart converged in a meeting. The theme of the meeting was to look out for ways to beat Amazon on its game. They acknowledged that indeed Amazon was a force to reckon with, but their determination would give them a win.

The officials expressed confidence in outlining that the transformation of their stores into some web of hubs would help a great deal. These stores, according to the executives, would focus on the delivery of grocery and product deliverables.

A Walmart supercenter, according to reports, is going to be designed in a way that can deliver social experiences. This will be in addition to goods sold out.

Walmart has outlined examples of the best experiences customer might be enjoying. These include the eyeglass centers and hair salons. Its rival isn’t offering these kinds of services.