The CBD marketplace has collapsed, but the rebuilding phase is now underway, and the Marquie Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TMGI) is an interesting stock in the space that has been beaten down but could have a unique recipe for success that may make this a speculative favorite around the next corner.

This seems like a bold perspective, but we have our reasons.

First off, the company is leveraging a cross-up with leadership chops in both the CBD products market and the global health and beauty space. This latter factor is due to its top brass, Jacquie Carter Angell, something of an all-star in the health and beauty market for two decades.

She has established an internationally recognized personal brand as a beauty expert, appearing in television, radio, magazine, newspaper and media events around the world, and partnering with celebrities, Olympic athletes, doctors, nutritionists and a Nobel Prize laureate in brand-building and marketing health and beauty products to women in more than 90 countries. Ms. Angell has been particularly strong in attacking the female consumer market in the 35-49 age bracket in the wellness and health and beauty products market.

This specialty pushed her all the way to international director at Herbalife Nutrition, where she drove product development with great success before leaving to take the captain’s seat at The Marquie Group.

Driving the Narrative

Pushing this narrative, the company recently announced the upcoming launch of its new line of CBD Tinctures, which will be marketed under the Whim™ brand designation.

According to that release, management notes that the product development team focused on developing a light, clean, pleasant-tasting CBD Tincture capable of complementing the overall Whim™ brand identity effectively and differentiating itself in the CBD tincture market on a user experience basis.

“The CBD market presents an opportunity for us because the searing growth rate defining the past two years has resulted in a rapid commoditization process, leaving the door wide open for a product designed to provide an optimal user experience on all levels and a company that knows how to design products that resonate with the biggest demographic segment in the CBD marketplace – women 35 to 49 years of age,” stated Jacquie Carter Angell, President of The Marquie Group.

That’s a big part of it that most folks likely don’t get: the biggest and most important demographic group for CBD consumption is actually women in their late 30’s and 40’s. That crosses the CBD market up perfectly with the biggest and most important group driving the health and beauty market.

This is a huge strategic advantage for TMGI. The market hasn’t caught onto this yet. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to determine where things go from here in the space. This thematic overlap is likely going to define how CBD products are marketed as the space continues to grow at a rapid pace. And that will help to push TMGI to the front of the pack because the company has inherent advantages with real and undeniable experience at targeting that market niche.

The company is gearing up to launch a comprehensive platform of products in coming weeks. At that point, we should see a more significant recognition that Marquie is a giant hiding in plain sight with tremendous top-line growth potential sitting just around the corner.