Ford Motor (NYSE:F) isn’t being left behind when it comes to embracing the technological advancements sweeping fats across the globe. It understands the wave of mattes where leading companies are now focusing on the manufacture of electric vehicles. Its sport-utility vehicle known as the Mustang Mach-E will be among the models that will be in the Chicago Auto Show.

Christina’s thoughts

The U.S. brand manager for the Mach-E who is known as Cristina Sanders has been one of the most vocal voices about the transition that has taken over the vehicle industry. Sanders says that they don’t want to be left behind in the automotive segment. This leader says that going electric will see them uphold relevance in a market characterized by stiff competition. Cristina exudes confidence that their electric Mustang will see them outshine most f their rivals in the market.

The electric Mustang is undoubtedly an outstanding innovation that will allow customers to enjoy much in terms of convenience. Purchasing the vehicle will have them enjoy other things including freedom, fun and also save on time because of the fast speeds.

The turn of events

This company says that it wanted to develop some affordable alternatives for a select group of people that wanted to obtain an electric SUV. That is the reason it took to the development of the Mach-E which it terms a rather affordable option for buyers. Asides from the Mach-E sparking about great excitement among drivers, it is also a good thing that it is within the budget of most of the people.

The company has also spoken about prices outlining that customers with about $40,000 will get something. This business was quite impressed after it succeeded at selling out a batch of almost 1500 Mach-E machines over almost six weeks.

Christina admits that as a company it had dawned on them that indeed the range anxiety was something real. The official says that since then they realized the great need for them to establish the range confidence and all the fun that comes with that. It is also worth noting that the performance of the Mach-E is comparable to the Mustang.