Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) has disclosed its plan to combine buyers from its wide-ranging stores with those that buy from happens at a time when the business guru is working on business strategies that will see it transform ist e-commerce business segment a huge deal. It intends to make it much more profitable, as was outlined in the company’s memo released on Tuesday.

The combination

The business giant believes that the restructuring activities will help it scale to greater heights in business. This happens at a time when business dynamics are shifting a great deal. Walmart expresses optimism that the combination of the two teams will play a huge role in helping calm down the conflicts in line with the pricing of its products. There have been some inconsistencies between the pricing of the items online and in its stores.

The company’s spokesperson Kevin Gardner has spoken about the matter. The official says that they are looking forward to serving customers more professionally. According to him, customers have been unhappy about the inconsistencies in pricing.

The customers buying from Walmart have always expected to buy products at low prices and also to enjoy seamless shopping experiences. It has been an awful experience for them to meet unmatching prices when shopping online and in the stores. They have been advocating for the company to harmonize the pricing.

The customer to be factored in

Walmart says that the customer is very important to its business and thus targets making the necessary changes. According to the business giant, the customer must be kept at the center when it comes to how it moves about the buying and selling of merchandise.

News reporters were quick to pose questions wanting to know how the changes would impact jobs. Walmart said that the change has got nothing to do with laying off some of its working personnel.

The two segments of this company’s business are headed by two separate chief executives. These are March Lore and John Furner. These two officials have confirmed that the buyers will be segmented in about six merchandising teams. These will include consumables, apparel, toys, entertainment, hairlines, food, and home.

The two officials will continue serving in their capacities, and the merchandising teams will keep reporting to them.