Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) has introduced a portable and small coronavirus test. This FDA approved test kit provides results in just five minutes. It finds the molecular fragments of COVID-19 genome and quickly detects higher levels. Abbott’s portable coronavirus test kit is ideal for any healthcare facility.

Abbott expects to supply 50,000 coronavirus test kits

Abbott plans to supply 50,000 coronavirus test kits beginning Wednesday. According to a communiqué from Abbott, the US FDA has issued emergency authorization for its coronavirus test kit. Patient care settings and authorized laboratories can use these test kits to provide test results in 5 minutes and isolate coronavirus affected patients to prevent the spread of the disease.

Failure of the US to supply coronavirus test kits

The US has failed to supply sufficient coronavirus test kits. Coronavirus is spreading at a fast pace in the US. It is threatening several hospitals in Washington, California, New York, and other regions in the US. The coronavirus testing is initially conducted on high-risk people with the available test kits. However, it is facing problems with test kits developed by the Disease Control and Prevention centers. The regulators in the US are seeking diagnostics prepared by the leading commercial testing companies in the world.

Enormous opportunity for caregivers

Vice President (R&D) of Abbott, John Frels, said frontline caregivers enjoy enormous opportunities to diagnose several infections using its innovative coronavirus test kit. It reduces the patient waiting time at the clinic and provides test results quickly.

Abbott used its ID Now Platform to develop this innovative technology. The company has over eighteen thousand ID Now Platforms in the US and helps to identify the respiratory syncytial virus, strep throat, and influenza. The lab takes a swab from the back of the throat or nose and blends with a chemical solution to break open the virus and find its RNA.

The mixture is then applied on the ID Now system to detect and amplify the coronavirus genome sequences. It can be established across the nation with ease. Abbott is working Trump administration and its customers to ensure the availability of the test kits. It is addressing the needs of urgent care clinics, hospital emergency rooms, and doctor’s offices.