Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google is now relying more on automation for content moderation because several people moved online. Many staffers could be out, and YouTube expects to remove more videos. It expects delays in removing unethical content.

Coronavirus virus impact on Google’s business

Google is also facing the brunt of coronavirus pandemic because it is affecting its business in several places. According to a communiqué from Google, one of its employees at a location in Bangalore is tested positive for coronavirus. The company has directed its employees to work from home as a precautionary measure. It also said the employees, who worked closely with the affected employee, are asked for self-quarantine. According to an email fetched by Tech Crunch, a director at Google Engineering College – Anand Rangarajan, the Google employee contracted the coronavirus during his travel overseas.

Increase in videos violating Google’s policies

According to a blog post from YouTube, there could be more videos for removal that violates Google’s policies. The company will use automated tools to remove more videos because many reviewers are out.

Automated tools will begin removing videos that violate Google’s policies without a review by humans. It will help to safeguard the ecosystem on YouTube. The company will only remove the videos that highly violate its terms.

Humans moderate content outside YouTube

Google said the humans will review the content outside the YouTube, and the decisions could be sluggish. Services like support to recover an account could get a slower response. People who are asking for a review of the ads that expect to violate terms of Google could also face a slower response.

Google mandates majority to work from home

Another employee of Google is also tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. It has removed such employees and causing a disruption to work. Google has issued a circular on March 16, 2020, asking the majority of the global workforce to work from home.

It is beneficial for the employees because they could save valuable commuting time. However, the firms may face a problem that some employees want to continue work from home post lifting the closure.

The established companies like Microsoft and Google are offering tools for free to facilitate work from home.