SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has now decided to extend its “Just Walk Out” payment system for other retailers, which it has been using for its own Go Grocery chain. Amazon will partner with several High Street shops sharing its till-less technology. This system was launched by the software giant through its Go Grocery chain almost two years ago.

The shoppers at Go Grocery simply scan smartphone app as they enter and pay through their Amazon accounts. The technology will work a bit differently for shoppers shopping at the registered retail outlets. Here the shoppers will have to register via a payment card on their arrival, and the billing will be automatically credited to their account as they complete shopping and leave. This feature saves time as shoppers do not have to wait to pay their bills in a long queue. 

While for Go Grocery, the buyers will be using Amazon accounts for retail shopping, their accounts on Amazon will not be involved.

System To Work Similar To Security Footage

Now with the app scanning the payment details of the consumers, the software automatically will have access to it. But Amazon has clearly stated that this information that they will receive from the consumers will only be used to support their retailing partners. The website of Amazon clearly says, 

“We only collect the data needed to provide shoppers with an accurate receipt. Shoppers can think of this as similar to typical security camera footage.”

Although the implementation of this new change will work wonderfully well for the shoppers, the retailers will have a lot to do behind the back. The system requires fitting hundreds of depth-sensors and cameras so that the data can be analyzed remotely through the servers on Amazon’s computers. The sensors are very sharp. They automatically differentiate between whether a shopper has picked up the product and kept it for buying or have simply examined and replaced it on the shelf.

Lucrative Option For Amazon

Ever since the launch of this software, experts in the technology world has been expecting Amazon to move ahead and make its features available to other shops. According to the founder of NBK Retail consultancy, Natalie Berg, “It’s far more lucrative for Amazon to license the technology to other retailers than to just use it in its grocery stores.”