Best Buy Co Inc (NYSE:BBY) is allowing only its employees beginning today to deliver the orders to the cars of customers outside its stores. The company fulfills the orders received through its app and website with the help of its employees contactless.

Curbside system include exchanges and returns

According to an email communication from Best Buy to the customers, if any of the customers fail to order in advance, the company entrusts the job of delivering the items if available in the store to the customer’s cars. The curbside system also comprises exchanges and returns. It advises the customers to remain in the car while their orders are delivered.

Suspends in-house installations

Best Buy has temporarily suspended repairs and in-house installations. It also stopped recycling and product trade-in services. Corie Barry, Chief Executive Officer of Best Buy, said the company is receiving a huge demand for various products across the nation because more people are working from home or learning from home. It also sees a huge demand for products that can be stored in a refrigerator. The company is making changes to improve safety while striving to meet the growing demand for products across the nation.

Delivers large items to the doorstep of customers

Best Buy decided to deliver large items such as TVs and refrigerators to the doorstep of customers and not into the home. Though it is inconvenient, the company adopted this strategy to safeguard its employees from the growing menace of coronavirus. The company will inform the customers, who have scheduled installation in the next thirty days, on possible delivery options.

Compensates employees

Best Buy will compensate the employees who continue to work. If the working hours of any employees are eliminated because of new restrictions, the company will pay such employees for two weeks. According to a communiqué from Best Buy, all of its employees are working voluntarily. If any employee falls sick because of exposure to COVID-19, the company will pay for such an employee during his stay at home. It is also paying for employees who need to stay home to care for children. However, it has not mentioned how much and how long it will pay for such employees.