Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is working 24 hours a day to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus. He said coronavirus has not reached a massive outbreak in the majority of the nations across the world.

Need to tackle potentially dangerous information

Zuckerberg said the social media giant should work on priority to prevent the spread of misinformation on coronavirus across the world. It is also figuring out how much work can be handled from the home by the content moderators. Facebook is struggling to keep its servers running because of an unprecedented rush for content from the people, who are restricted to homes on fears of the outbreak of coronavirus. It usually faces increased demand for video and voice calls during the New Year’s Eve. Facebook has been working for months to eliminate fake news on coronavirus and the false claims on how to cure it.

New Coronavirus information center

Facebook intends to unveil a new coronavirus information center in Europe and the US in the next 24 hours. The company will roll out coronavirus information centers in other locations soon. It will get the verified information from the centers for disease prevention control and WHO. The center will also gather information from government across the world, celebrities and health experts and transmit genuine information to the users.

Coronavirus forces a change in the work of Facebook

Coronavirus is forcing a change in the working of Facebook. Since January, around 45,000 of its employees are working remotely. The social media giant is also asking its other employees, excluding people engaged in security services and the maintenance of servers to work from home. According to revelations, Zuckerberg is also working from home.

A bigger challenge for content moderators

The content moderators, who work from home, face a bigger challenge when working with sensitive content that includes self-harm and suicide. They need mental health support when working with such sensitive information. However, it would be difficult to provide such support to the content moderators when they work from home. The contractors, who work from home, will receive the full pay even their workload is reduced.